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Tagged: self-compassion

  • soy intention candle with tulips, crystals, and coffee

    Morning Rituals for Self-Care

    I've always experienced migraines, they started when I was 14. Lately they have increased and it's been days since I've woken up pain-free. Today I decided to start the day...

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  • Nourishing the Soul with Forest Bathing...

    Forest bathing is a practice of soaking up the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest. Connecting with nature is deeply nourishing and healing on many levels. Whenever I'm having...

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    forest bathing salts and candle
  • Alauna Whelan fire candle, bath soak, and book on wooden tray

    Practicing Presence

    As someone who has experienced trauma, what has been unfolding brings me back to when I was in the early stages of navigating PTSD. Back to the numbness, dissociation, and...

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  • Music and Ritual

    I have noticed myself oscillating between engaging with things that make me feel supported and then using ones that have the opposite effect (hello mindless scrolling of social media at midnight)....

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    handful of botanical bath salts
  • earth element ritual mist

    From Chaos to Beauty

    I've been spending a lot of time reflecting on my journey lately. A global pandemic seems to have that effect on me ;) Bearing witness to small business owners doing...

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