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  • earth sign candle with hand and greenery

    Virgo New Moon Mantra for September...

    Virgo often gets a bad rap for being a perfectionist. Virgo is the sign of the virgin but in our society that's been twisted to mean something other than priestess....

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  • What is a Talisman Necklace?

    All of the jewelry I create I consider to be talisman jewelry. So what the heck is a talisman necklace anyways? It is a physical tool that honors our wishes, emotions, and/or...

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    silver earth sign talisman necklace on mossy background
  • linen ritual mist with pink velvet pillows on grey and white bedding

    Ritual Mists for Fragrant Linens

    I finally treated myself to new bed linens! We got a new walnut bed frame earlier in the year. I had been holding out until after we painted to get...

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  • A Beautiful Reflection

    This summer we've spent as much time as possible at the family cabin. I'm happy that I finally remembered to pack both my camera and some extra goodies for some...

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    candle and ritual mist with lake reeds
  • botanical bath salts towel ritual mist bath tub

    Using Bath Soaks for Sore Muscles...

    This spring I began running again. Fresh air, nature, and solitude all feed my soul. Necessary self-care for 2020. It's been a couple of months and my legs still hurt....

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