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  • Pisces Moon Mantra

    Pisces Moon Mantra

    With Mercury, the planet of communication, currently backtracking its way through Pisces, the theme of this month will be surrender. I'll be burning my water element candle daily as a reminder...

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  • Simple Rituals for Surviving School Breaks...

    School's out for..... winter break! While the break from packing lunches and getting the kids out the door each day is a welcome change, the constant bickering between the boys...

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    Simple Rituals for Surviving School Breaks
  • woman's hand holding crystal heart

    Develop a Personal Ritual Practice

    As a freedom-loving soul, I never quite have a rhythm that aligns with others. Coupled with a partner who works shift work, I can feel like I don’t belong or...

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  • What is Ritual?

    Ritual seems to be a buzz word that is everywhere lately, especially when paired with self-care. Beyond all the elusive trendiness of fancy photos and lofty ideals, what actually is...

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