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taurus new moon solar eclipse: deliberate embodiment of joy and pleasure is an act of rebellion

Written by Alauna Whelan


Eclipse season has arrived and this new moon features a solar eclipse. Eclipse season happens twice a year and is believed to be a portal for rapid growth and transformation.

altar with new moon lunar intention candle, oracle card, and crystals

With the first eclipse of 2022 happening in Taurus, we have an opportunity to claim our joy, pleasure, and desires.

Taurus rules the throat. Sip on warm, herbal teas and wrap yourself in soft scarves. Being deliberate with how we articulate our boundaries and needs is well supported. Taurus values quality over quantity. It is methodical, slow, consistent, and focused. It knows what it wants and is willing to wait for it.

taurus new moon mantra - white text on dark green background with lunar image

This is a wonderful new moon to reflect on our relationship with our bodies and make slow, sustainable changes that honor the embodiment of our pleasure and sensuality. Claim and honor what makes you feel good!

Take 3 deep breaths with audible exhales while your hand is on your heart. Sink into being with and in your body. What wisdom does it have to share with you?

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