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crystal magic: three crystal wands to elevate your at home ritual practice

Written by Alauna Whelan


I love using crystals in my creative work and personal ritual practice. I don't claim that crystals can heal ailments - I see them as powerful physical reminders linked to folklore, mysticism, and spirituality.

People have long used crystals as talismans for protection, ritual, and intention. I've been expanding my creative work this year outside of jewelry. I find myself drawn to making larger pieces to be used as altar art and magical tools for ritual practice. 

Crystal wands can be used for directing energy. Whether that's tracing a pattern on a crystal grid to activate, placing on top of a paper with written intentions, or even to use for auric clearing to cut psychic cords.

Crystals are beautiful! They add beauty to any ceremony or ritual practice. They make gorgeous display items and can elevate the beauty in our homes.

Whether one practices magic or not, crystal wands and crystal altar art is fun! We could all use objects that bring us more joy, love, and pleasure.

Here are three of my favorite crystal wands:

1. The Queen of Pentacles

A wonderful piece for working with the earth element and manifestation practices.

green and white crystal talisman ritual wand with brown ammonite fossil in palm of hand

2. The Healer

I think of this piece as both a psychic surgeon and a wellspring of replenishment. Great for acting as a physical touchpoint for overall wellness; mental, spiritual, and physical. 

green and clear crystal talisman ritual wand with brown ammonite fossil in palm of hand

3. The Elemental Priestess

This piece is a great piece for working with the ebb and flow of the seasons and harnessing all of the elements; earth, fire, water, air, and ether.

brown and blue crystal talisman ritual wand in palm of hand

All three wands are from the Secret Garden collection of one-of-a-kind crystal talismans that can be found in my online store.

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