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About Alauna

Hello and welcome! I'm Alauna Whelan. If you are wondering, my name is pronounced Ah-lawn-ah. I'm a self-taught metal smith, botanical perfumer, crystal hoarder, lunar lover, coffee drinker, and writer. 

Much of my work is inspired by mother nature, astrology, mysticism, folklore, and the reclamation of the divine feminine. I reside on the Canadian prairies in Saskatchewan with my wonderful husband, two active boys, faithful pup Casey, and feline prince, Jonathan.

I know that cultivating personal ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle, inhaling an aromatic mist, or adorning one's self with a piece of meaningful jewelry or perfume.

Using intentional items can deepen self-care rituals and practices. This can pave the way to nurturing and trusting the connection within.

I've always loved practicing alchemy. From my early days in a chemistry laboratory, to crafting salves, lotions, and soap for my babies, to formulating herbal products for postpartum families. I currently work with a variety of mediums, including molten metal, crystals, and plant botanicals.

After the birth of my first son and debilitating PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) in 2009, I turned to alternative modalities and unearthed my creativity as a means to support my healing journey.
I discovered supportive practices such as meditation, somatic therapy, mindfulness, the use of plant aromatics, crystals, reiki, cranialsacral therapy, art, and astrology.
I began developing simple rituals that honored my own rhythmic essence. This helped me understand how deeply connected we are with mother nature. Her seasons and cycles had a predictability and wisdom woven within them. I was able to exhale and dig into the difficult work of finding my way back home to myself; to honor and embrace my divine nature.
This foundation, paired with my former work experience as a laboratory technologist, allows me to create high-quality items with awareness and intention. 

woman in pink shirt with white flower and heart crystal talisman necklaceI offer items that allow us to connect with that quiet space rhythmically beating, deep within our hearts. Ritual tools that extend more compassion, gentleness, and care both to ourselves and our mother earth.

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