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I have had a love for candles all my life so I was excited when I learned that Alauna - who I admire deeply - was launching her own line of candles! I am so happy with my Intention Candle, it not only looks beautiful but the scent is divine. Whenever I light my candle I read through the list of intentions on the label and feel my spirits being lifted and a shift of sorts happening. It’s quite magical. Thank you so much, Alauna! xo

— Kerstin

I love my Earth Angel necklace more than words can share! It arrived so thoughtfully wrapped and has graced my life with so much supportive guidance. I wear it day and night since I received it 8 days ago. In these past 8 days I have received the sweetest insight and healing for many concerns and received a tremendous boost to my prosperity as well! Alauna offers very special portals to infinite love with her inspired pieces. I will forever be grateful for this one!!

— Alyssa

Awesome as usual! Very high quality and attention to detail with all your products!

— Jeremi

What can I say about this beautiful candle. It came to me during a very difficult time in my life, and has been a source of soothing comfort and has given me a sense of peace. Not only does it have some of my favorite essential oils, it is also representative of Air, which is my element. Also having a quartz crystal at the bottom it’s also perfect for me, being that it is one of my favorite crystals. Thank you so much for creating these beautiful candles, I am enjoying this one so much!

— Barri

“My creation came beautifully packaged with exceptional thought and care. Much gratitude for Alauna’s attentiveness to art of presentation as much as her artistry and design.

— Zoee