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  • raw golden honey calcite crystals

    A Crystal for Autumn - Honey...

    I'm so excited to unveil the crystal for the autumn equinox set as honey calcite. These lovely raw calcite chips are adorning each autumn spice equinox candle that will be...

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  • A Talisman for Taking Action

    Quartz is my favorite mineral. It's one of the most abundant minerals on earth and there are countless types of quartz. Quartz with inclusions are my favorite. Rutilated quartz contains inclusions that...

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    golden rutile quartz crystal talisman necklace
  • pink flowers with text overlay

    The Care & Compassion Collection

    I don't know about anyone else but I have definitely been feeling depleted and low lately. Being home with the kiddos for over five months coupled with the intensity of summer...

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  • Moldavite Magic

    I'm rarely without a piece of moldavite. It is a very high vibration mineral (from the impact of a meteorite, so it really is out of this world 😉).This mineral...

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    Moldavite Magic
  • garden gate and green foliage

    Secret Garden Collection

    This year I've been drawn to work with green gemstones. Green crystals are symbolic of a connection to nature, the heart, and vitality. My newest collection features phantom quartz and...

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