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  • Moldavite Magic

    Moldavite Magic

    I'm rarely without a piece of moldavite. It is a very high vibration mineral (from the impact of a meteorite, so it really is out of this world 😉).This mineral...

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  • Secret Garden Collection

    This year I've been drawn to work with green gemstones. Green crystals are symbolic of a connection to nature, the heart, and vitality. My newest collection features phantom quartz and...

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    garden gate and green foliage
  • turquoise blue green crystal talisman necklaces

    The Green Lagoon Collection

    My latest collection is inspired by lush green landscapes and turquoise waters. With summer this year looking a lot different than past years, I decided to create this collection based...

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  • Crystal Spotlight: Citrine

    One of my favorite gemstones of all time is citrine. This was the crystal that initiated me into the world of gems (besides the rough quartz of my early years)....

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    yellow and clear quartz crystals with candle and sunbeams
  • sun worship crystal talisman necklaces

    Sun Worship Collection

    The month of May holds such significance when it comes to honoring the element of fire and the sun. May 1st marks May Day, traditionally known as Beltane. This is...

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