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new secret garden crystal talismans: healing crystal jewelry and wands for regeneration, stability and growth

Written by Alauna Whelan


I'm so thrilled to finally release my first crystal collection of 2022!  The Secret Garden crystal collection is inspired by lush foliage, mossy forest paths, reflecting pools, and the deeply regenerative power of nature.

The last year had most of my energy and focus on developing new candle collections, like the lunar and zodiac collections. As such, I've had to take a slower more deliberate approach to my one-of-a-kind crystal talismans. 

woman in blue top wearing healing crystal talisman necklace

I worked with green and earth-toned crystals. My intention was to offer potent talismans for grounding, growth, new beginnings. Crystals like malachite, chlorite, moss agate, and ocean jasper are symbolic heart healers. They help us meet our hurts with grace, compassion, and acceptance.

raw green malachite crystal talisman necklace in palm of hand

This collection also features three crystal wands. As an artist, these pieces bring me immense joy! I want to create larger more impactful crystal art this year. Pieces that can adorn our nightstands and homes. Sculptural and beautiful artworks that spark our inner landscapes and uplift our spirits. Pieces that can elevate our ritual practices and bring joy. 

woman holding two crystal talisman ritual wands

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