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how to create a simple altar for the taurus full moon lunar eclipse

Written by Alauna Whelan


We are beginning a new 18 month cycle with the lunar nodes shifting from the Gemini Sagittarius axis to the Taurus Scorpio axis.

Eclipses happen twice a year and occur where ever the lunar nodes are residing. Eclipses are believed to be potent portals of change.

For the next couple of years we will be focusing on themes surrounding caring for mother earth, self-worth, what we value and why we value it, and how we can create sustainable, nourishing frameworks to support ourselves.

One of my favorite ways to honor the lunar cycle is to create an altar. An altar is simply a small arrangement of items that resonate with us. 

simple altar with crystals, goddess statue, oracle card, and luxury soy full moon candle

For this Taurus full moon altar I included a few items:

  1. a few favorite crystals
  2. goddess statue (to honor mother earth)
  3. the card I pulled from my moon mantra oracle deck for this lunation, watch my weekly IGTV for more details
  4. full moon candle

Creating a simple altar doesn't need to be complicated. Next week I can pull a new card and switch out the full moon candle for the waning moon candle

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