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  • five element candles with green trees

    Candles for Autumn

    As we greet shorter, cooler days I find myself reaching for the warmth and ambiance of candles even more. Did you know that I offer a set containing all five element candles?These sets...

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  • Why are Element Candles Special?

    I love working with the elements. They are the foundation of our world. Each element has a season, an astrological sign, a mood. Lighting a flame or tending to a fire is...

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    earth petrichor scented intention candle in nature
  • candle, coffee, and journal

    Choosing the Right Size Candle

    Getting the most out of a candle means selecting the right size for your intended use.t I love that candles help us slow down and create ambiance. They are symbolic...

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  • What is Candle Tunneling?

    Candle tunneling is when a candle has a ring of un-melted wax around the perimeter.  Many things can cause tunneling which include the candle not having a properly sized wick, to...

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    cat in front of a window with candle, books, flowers
  • luxury candle with gold wick trimmers

    Four Tips for Getting the Most...

    Before I began making candles, I never realized how finicky they could be. I didn't know that there were so many factors that can impact the longevity of a candle....

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