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now available for pre-order: zodiac sign crystal infused soy intention candles

Written by Alauna Whelan


It's been a labour of love creating 12 new intention candles for the zodiac collection.

For the past year, I've been playing mad scientist diligently working away in my studio creating new candle blends. If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember some of the smell and tell videos and stories I've shared along the way.

collection of luxury soy zodiac intention candles

I am an avid student of astrology and love how the myths of the cosmos can relate to the cycles and themes within our own lives.

There is power in witnessing these cycles, there are infinite possibilities within the endings and beginnings.

As with all my candles, the zodiac collection features botanically-based scent, crystals, and incantations for each sign.

collection of soy zodiac intention candles

I'm passionate about weaving together different materials as a means to integrate the power of the cosmos. To interact with mythology, folklore, and the intangible in simplistic and concrete ways.

Each zodiac candle features a scent and gemstone that is a nod to its power. The incantation can be recited each time it is lit as a reminder of the wisdom and medicine of each sign.

top view of virgo crystal infused zodiac candle

Pre-orders for the zodiac collection are now available. Orders placed by April 11th will begin shipping April 25th!

Order your zodiac candle from the online store today.