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virgo full moon: harvesting our inner transformation

Written by Alauna Whelan


This week's full moon in Virgo is closing out the astrological year.

This time of year has a similar feeling to January when we welcome a new year full of new possibilities.

The astrological new year is marked by spring equinox and Aries season. It's when the sun begins to climb higher in the sky, lengthening our days and having us focus our energy on things more outside of ourselves.

spring altar with fresh cut florals and full moon crystal infused soy intention candle

After a long winter where we were pulled deep within ourselves and subconscious, this Virgo full moon is shedding light on how much we have shifted since autumn equinox when we began our descent into the underworld.

hand holding blue affirmation card against bright blue spring sky

This full moon is urging us to acknowledge our inner transformation during the darker, winter months. We get to discern what we take forward with us into this new season and what we are ready to leave behind.

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For a card reading on this full moon, watch my video below.