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  • Femininity - Water Necklaces Sold Out

    Femininity - Water Necklaces Sold Out...

    The water element necklaces are currently sold out. I am anticipating having the next batch ready sometime in August. Email subscribers always receive exclusive access to shop restocks, limited edition,...

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  • My Everyday Adornment

    Element necklaces, you won't find me without one. It is the one piece of jewelry I wear every single day.I tend to gravitate towards one element each year and wear...

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    My Everyday Adornment
  • botanical bath salts towel ritual mist bath tub

    Using Bath Soaks for Sore Muscles...

    This spring I began running again. Fresh air, nature, and solitude all feed my soul. Necessary self-care for 2020. It's been a couple of months and my legs still hurt....

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  • Embracing the Fire

    Mars has entered into Aries for the remainder of 2020. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries which makes it more powerful. Aries is the sign of the warrior. A...

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    silver fire sign necklace with fire and wax seal
  • ritual mist, drink, book

    Summer Essentials

    With our short prairie summers, many of us flock outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather. This means I've been hanging out in my backyard more, or as much as I...

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