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  • silver earth sign talisman necklace on mossy background

    What is a Talisman Necklace?

    All of the jewelry I create I consider to be talisman jewelry. So what the heck is a talisman necklace anyways? It is a physical tool that honors our wishes, emotions, and/or...

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  • A Bath Soak for Forest Bathing...

    I've spent as much time as possible soaking up the scent of the boreal forest at my parents cabin this summer. One of the silver-linings to Covid, we could say. The...

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    earthy petrichor scented bath salts
  • linen ritual mist with pink velvet pillows on grey and white bedding

    Ritual Mists for Fragrant Linens

    I finally treated myself to new bed linens! We got a new walnut bed frame earlier in the year. I had been holding out until after we painted to get...

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  • Why are Element Candles Special?

    I love working with the elements. They are the foundation of our world. Each element has a season, an astrological sign, a mood. Lighting a flame or tending to a fire is...

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    earth petrichor scented intention candle in nature
  • silver water sign necklace on rocky boulder

    Water - Medicine for the Soul...

    When I was 14, my parents moved our family to a large Victorian home on 80 acres of farm land that my grandparents gave them. This was a massive renovation...

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