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three simple self care summer activities for fire signs - aries, leo, sagittarius

Written by Alauna Whelan


This is the second installment of my simple summer self-care activities rituals for each of the elements and zodiac signs.

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Keeping self-care simple makes it doable! When it's doable we can be more consistent.

fire sign luxury ritual mist in palm of hand

When rituals become complex they fall off of my priority list. When things are simple, they are accessible and I'm more inclined to do them.

Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are energetic and adventurous. These signs have the super power of injecting optimism, fun, and creativity into everything they do. 

hand holding luxury soy candle for fire signs

It's important for you fire signs to find ways to manage your energy so you don't burn out. The following three activities are intended to assist you in stoking your inner flame in sustainable ways.

1. Sun gazing at sunset. Soak in that golden hour. Feel the warmth and magick of the fading sun infuse every pore of your being with life giving energy, replenishing you on all levels.

2. Doing a few minutes of candlelit meditation. Simply gazing at a flickering flame for a few moments can soothe a weary soul. If you're camping, gathering around a campfire can be nourishing. Check out the fire element candle to enhance your gazing meditation practice. 

3. Use the fire ritual mist to connect with your inner creatrix. My favorite way to use a ritual mist is as a meditation tool. Set aside 10 minutes, get comfortable, mist your aura or room, and listen to the fire element meditation.

hand holding luxury ritual mist

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