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three simple self care summer activities for water signs - cancer, scorpio, pisces

Written by Alauna Whelan


I love simple, or as I like to call them lazy, rituals! Especially those pertaining to prioritizing our own needs and care.

I firmly believe that care rituals need to remain simple and accessible. Keeping things basic make it much easier to be present and enjoy the moment. Complexity can overwhelm and become one more thing to manage.

birds eye view of luxury candle and ritual mist

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are deeply feeling, intuitive, and psychic. These signs have the super power of emotional wisdom. Time alone is imperative to refuel. Don't underestimate the power of 10 or 20 minutes of solitude.

luxury water sign ritual mist in palm of hand

Here are a list of three simple self-care summer rituals or activities for all the water signs.

1. Spend time alone near a body of water or fountain. Whether that's sitting near a backyard pond, swimming in the neighborhood pool, or reading near a local fountain. A bath or shower is an easy way to get that water therapy in each day.

2. Take an early afternoon nap. Water signs replenish and process through sleep. Resting outside or taking a power nap is the best and easiest way to rejuvenate.

3. Use the water ritual mist to clear and move emotions. My favorite way to use a ritual mist is as a meditation tool. Set aside 10 minutes, get comfortable, mist your aura or room, and listen to the water element meditation

luxury water sign soy candle and ritual mist with mirrored shell in background

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