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  • earth petrichor scented intention candle in nature

    Why are Element Candles Special?

    I love working with the elements. They are the foundation of our world. Each element has a season, an astrological sign, a mood. Lighting a flame or tending to a fire is...

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  • Water - Medicine for the Soul...

    When I was 14, my parents moved our family to a large Victorian home on 80 acres of farm land that my grandparents gave them. This was a massive renovation...

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    silver water sign necklace on rocky boulder
  • candle and ritual mist with lake reeds

    A Beautiful Reflection

    This summer we've spent as much time as possible at the family cabin. I'm happy that I finally remembered to pack both my camera and some extra goodies for some...

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  • The Scent of the Boreal Forest...

    My inspiration for the earth element candle and spray comes from summers spent at the family cabin. My childhood spent wandering the Canadian boreal forest foraging for wild berries and...

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    The Scent of the Boreal Forest
  • orange lily with silver fire sign talisman necklace

    The Elements: Poetry of Life

    The elements are the foundation of nature, they are both within us and all around us. They are the poetry of life, deeply symbolic of our humanness. The polarity of...

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