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tending to our creative flame on the Leo full moon with the fire element medallion necklace

Written by Alauna Whelan


Leo is a regal fire sign that represents creativity, optimism, and warmth. Something we could all use more of, especially with the frigid prairie temperatures here lately.

This full moon is asking us to connect with our joy. It's an opportunity to cultivate warmth amongst the ever evolving challenges we face on any given day. It's a reminder that we are complex and nuanced beings that are walking contradictions.

fire sign silver medallion necklace with wax stamp and seal
We remedy contrast and conflict by birthing more creativity and joy. It's having the courage to cultivate and claim what brings us happiness. It's making time to nurture our inner child through play.

silver fire sign element medallion necklace with orange gemstone detail on woman in white top

The element necklaces are my staple piece, I wear one daily. The fire element necklace makes a wonderful talisman for creativity. I wear it anytime I need to remind myself that my ideas and gifts are worthy of attention. That it is our ideas and beliefs that seed the future.

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