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practicing detachment - a powerful practice for gaining clarity with the aquarius new moon

Written by Alauna Whelan


Aquarius season is always a rich and powerful one. Right now we have 7 planetary bodies all clustered together in this air sign. 

Air signs rule the mind, so if you are feeling a bit fried mentally, you are NOT alone. Aquarius rules the nervous system, it's important to have some supportive practices in place for tending to our nervous systems right now.

I've been particularly fond of this binaural beats playlist on Spotify lately.

aquarius sign new moon affirmation

Aquarius season offers us an opportunity to practice detachment and gain perspective. This sign is sometimes shamed as being cold and distant. As an Aquarius moon myself, we care deeply and at the same time we need space to be our unique and quirky selves. Air cannot be caged or grasped, it needs to be free to breathe and move.

Sometimes it's hard to see outside of ourselves because we are soooo in it. This new moon is an opportunity to do some potent vision work and to dream big.

With the beginning of a new lunar year and cycle, share your passions and ideas with a friend, journal out your thoughts, allow yourself to envision all that you can grasp.

It's from this point that we will set these ideas into motion in the coming months. Right now, the sky is the limit :)

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