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Nourishing the Soul with Forest Bathing

Written by Alauna Whelan


Forest bathing is a practice of soaking up the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest. Connecting with nature is deeply nourishing and healing on many levels.

Whenever I'm having a hard day I will either get myself out into fresh air or get myself into water.

Given the cold climate and six months of winter we have on the prairies, getting out to a wooded area isn't always an option. That's when I will opt for creating a forest oasis inside my home by taking an aromatic bath.

botanical bathing salts with candle on wooden tray

Taking a bath each night is my way to escape from the demands of daily life and raising two active boys. It's something that's just for me. I can lock the door and enjoy a few moments of solitude (sometimes headphones are a necessity).

When I'm sick, water is what nurtures and supports me. It's the tool I use most when my kids are fighting or having a hard day emotionally.

I offer two bath soaks that capture the scent of the forest. The Earth botanical bath soak smells of wet dirt, leather, and smoke. It's deeply earthy and grounding, perfect for anyone who loves patchouli. The Ether botanical bath soak is has a lighter more green scent. I've had many customer's comment that it smells like the BC coast.

If getting to a real forest isn't an option right now, create your own slice of wilderness at home. You can find all five blends in the online store.