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The Scent of the Boreal Forest

Written by Alauna Whelan


My inspiration for the earth element candle and spray comes from summers spent at the family cabin. My childhood spent wandering the Canadian boreal forest foraging for wild berries and flowers.

The smell of wood, campfire smoke, evergreen, and ozone. It's an earthiness that soothes my soul. It's the scent that makes me feel connected, settled, and in touch with something far greater than myself. 

earth scented botanical intention candle

I don't think it's a scent that can ever be perfectly replicated but my ritual mist and candle come close for the days and months when the real thing isn't an option.

earth scented ritual mist

The earth candle and mist are a customer favorite! We all long for that scent of wet earth, especially when modern life demands we remain indoors in a cold and clinical setting. 

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