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Practicing Presence

Written by Alauna Whelan


As someone who has experienced trauma, what has been unfolding brings me back to when I was in the early stages of navigating PTSD. Back to the numbness, dissociation, and overwhelm.

But, it has also reminded me how impactful small moments of presence, pause, beauty, and harmony can be. In between the moments of beauty and chaos we find our center.

Moments of radical presence are the foundation of care, both for ourselves and others.

candle bath soak and book on wooden tray

This is what trauma has taught me. The moments where other's are present with me allows me to reclaim pieces of myself. In practicing presence with myself, I can deepen self-trust, I can hear the voice within. This empowers me to make choices that are rooted and proactive.

And it really is a practice, it's something that requires devotion and commitment. The ways I like to practice are through ritual baths, candlelit meditation, scent, reading, and writing (like this blog!).

When we practice presence, we aren't worried about what will be or what has been. We simply are.

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