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petrichor the smell of wet earth and rain - drizzly mornings with the earth element soy intentions candle

Written by Alauna Whelan


I love misty grey mornings! The earth has finally awoke from its slumber here on the prairies. The scent of the rain brings out wet earth, greenery, and ozone. It's a smell that heals and fulfills the soul.

large raindrops on lush green leaves of a shrub

I celebrated by pulling out a new earth element soy travel candle to keep me company while I tended to some computer work.

hand with lighter igniting earth petrichor scented soy candle in front of potted plant

I've been told that the earth element products smell like petrichor. That scent of the air after a rainfall. It's lush and green and earthy. Soooo good!

petrichor scented earth element soy travel candle in palm of hand with lush grass and rain in the background

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