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From Chaos to Beauty

Written by Alauna Whelan


I've been spending a lot of time reflecting on my journey lately. A global pandemic seems to have that effect on me ;)

Bearing witness to small business owners doing their best to innovate during this challenging time to scammers leveraging people's fear for profit to people giving away everything for free because they feel bad for promoting their work. 

I'm not sure what the answer is but finding and walking the middle ground is what tends to work best for me. Focusing on what is truly sustainable for the long term makes me feel calm and clear when I make decisions. It's from that place of peace and clarity that I can make choices that are proactive rather than reactive. Scamming people is gross and giving everything away for free could mean after this is over a business is no longer viable.

rustic crystal necklaces

As a trauma survivor, the work that I do today was birthed from chaos. The items that brought me a sense of comfort are what allowed me to maintain a shred of hope when my world was filled with darkness. They gave me a few moments of reprieve.

Beauty and chaos shouldn't be compartmentalized. They coexist together, often times one being more dominant than the other. They mirror life and life isn't static, it's always evolving and moving and flowing.

2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year for my mental health prior to the world taking a collective pause. I've navigating numerous PTSD triggers. It hasn't been easy. There has been a lot of disappointment, resentment, and grief.

air element intention candle

The one thing I know for certain is that the only way through is by feeling ALL the feelings. And when they get to be too much I connect to things that bring me back to the present and provide pleasure; a smell, a mantra, a flame, holding a crystal.

It's the ebb and flow of the pain and joy, the sadness and then relief, the knowing that nothing lasts forever that gives me hope.

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