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Floral Notes in the Water Candle

Written by Alauna Whelan


The water candle is intended to be burned to assist us with blossoming, surrendering, and finding a rhythm within the cycles of life.

soy intention candle with rose petals

This candle features earthy floral notes. The oils were selected to support feminine health and well-being. Geranium, lavender, and clary sage have all been traditionally used for balancing hormones, alleviating pain, and instilling peace.

I dress each of my candles with a light sprinkle of botanicals. On the water candle I use rose petals. They pick up on the floral notes of the geranium.

rose petal soy intention crystal candle

I use rose petals often. The crystal talisman and element necklaces all come packaged nestled amongst delicate, fragrant rose petals.

Floral blossoms make everything luxurious. I will often add them to my bath water as a treat (they can also be found in the water botanical bath soak).

If you love earthy floral fragrances, the water candle is sure to be a safe bet. Find it in the online store.