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  • May Magick Playlist

    May Magick Playlist

    This year for the May Magick community project, I created a playlist. I chose a song (more than one in some instances) for each prompt.  You can listen to it...

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  • The Scent of Petrichor

    Last night I was chatting with a fellow botanical perfumer friend. I was telling her how I unintentionally chosen polarizing notes for the Element collection. Geranium, ylang-ylang and patchouli all...

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    earth candle and ritual mist on dirt background
  • rose petals on the water femininity soy intention candle

    Floral Notes in the Water Candle

    The water candle is intended to be burned to assist us with blossoming, surrendering, and finding a rhythm within the cycles of life. This candle features earthy floral notes. The oils...

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  • New Limited Edition Candle (sneak peek)

    I've been working on a new limited edition candle for Summer Solstice. Formulating with pure essential oils is challenging. They require more rigorous testing than synthetics. My home is smelling divine...

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    crystal soy intention candle for summer solstice
  • woman's legs, towel, bath tub and bath salts

    Saturday Morning Soak

    For May I am focusing on gentleness and care. Taking time to indulge in nurturing practices. This Saturday morning soak was the perfect way to start the weekend. There's something...

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