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Finding Ways to Calm the Mind During a Pandemic

Written by Alauna Whelan


If you're like me, you're probably struggling to acclimate to this new world we find ourselves in. As a trauma survivor this pandemic has reminded me of my early days living with PTSD. The isolation, upheaval, stress, and mental fog.

I haven't been able to retain information, read, or concentrate since CoVid changed the, since it changed my world. Things that help are keeping my body and mind busy.

headphones, guided meditation, ritual mist, and blanket

With my ability to concentrate is lessened, short guided meditations have been my go-to. I listen in bed before I fall asleep (sometimes I even fall asleep before I make it through the visualization).

In the early days of PTSD, guided visualizations helped me sleep. Hyper vigilance and flashbacks haunted me, which made sleep elusive.

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