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celebrate winter solstice with the limited edition winter forest candle

Written by Alauna Whelan


My favorite candle is back! I feel this way every season but the winter solstice candle is extra special.

hand holding lit winter solstice luxury soy crystal candle with snowy background

There's something about the scent of evergreens is deeply soothing to my soul. In the summer when it's hot out I'll inhale the aroma of their melting sap when out walking. I love to experience their calming and soothing smell. I can't get enough!

The winter solstice candle is my take on a frozen forest. It features notes of cypress, juniper. pine, and fir. Like most of my candle blends, it's delicate and not overpowering.

hand holding lit luxury soy winter solstice crystal intention candle with snowy background

For those that enjoy the lighter, crisper blends such as the air, ether, and waning moon candle, you'll enjoy the winter solstice candle.

Available for a limited time only, get yours in the online store!