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Limited Edition: Winter Solstice Candle

$30.00 CAD

Rest, nourish, reflect

Winter solstice is a time of rest and integration; an opportunity to go deep within and reflect.

The limited-edition winter solstice candle features notes of scotch pine, juniper berry, and cypress. Adorned with a kambaba jasper crystal and fresh cedar sprig.


Candle: 100% North American grown soy wax, essential oils of scotch pine, juniper berry, cypress, rosemary, cotton wick, kambaba jasper crystal, eucalyptus leaves.


Candle: remove the crystal before burning.

Ensure that the initial burn of the candle creates an even melt pool so that the entire surface of the candle is liquid. This allows you to get the maximum burn time from your candle and avoids tunneling.

Large candles require ~ 4 hour initial burn.

Small candles require ~ 2 hours.

Tealights are recommended to burn as single use (5-7 hours).

Always burn under supervision on a fireproof surface. 

Trim wick to 1/4" after each burn.

Keep away from drafts.

Crystal Lore

Kambaba jasper soothes frazzled emotions. This crystal instills peace, tranquility, and nourishment. This type of jasper is an ancient fossil with strong ties to nature. It attunes one to the frequencies of mother earth for healing and support.

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