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A Bath Soak for Forest Bathing

Written by Alauna Whelan


I've spent as much time as possible soaking up the scent of the boreal forest at my parents cabin this summer. One of the silver-linings to Covid, we could say.

The scent of the earth products (candle, ritual mist, and bath soak) were all inspired by the smell of the lake I spent my childhood summer months at. It's a place that is special to me, it goes beyond words when I try to explain the magic it holds for me (I wrote about it more on this blog post).

As the days begin growing shorter and the weather starts to cool off, I sense the change of season on the horizon. This always creates sadness for me. Summer is my favorite season, even in all its exhausting and fun-filled intensity.

petrichor scented bath salts

So in the coming months when I won't be able to experience the soul-filling medicine of the lake, trees, moss, and greenery, I still have a piece of it each time I take an aromatic bath with the earth bath soak, each time I spray my room with the earth ritual mist, and each time I strike a match to light a candle.

I can relish in the scent of wet earth, roots, smoke, and evergreens. I can be reminded that I'll be united with nature once again, it simply requires patience.