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A gentle start to your day with this simple morning ritual practice

Written by Alauna Whelan


With the start of a new year comes the overwhelming bombardment of "healthy" habits and in-depth morning routines that promise to see us off on our best year yet.

After last year, I'm not keen to jump on the hamster wheel of doing and productivity. The last thing I need is to attempt more change!

We've all been rolling with the punches. We have been forced into being flexible and adaptable again and again. What we need more of are gentle practices that help us find and connect with pleasure

I'm not sure when I'll get to see my best friend, I do know it will be awhile (she's an incredible artist, be sure to check out her work). She sent me this photo of her morning set up. Easing into her day with her planner, a solstice candle, and a generous coffee.

desk with solstice candle, laptop, and journal

Her Taurus wisdom is a lesson and an example for us to seek out pleasurable objects and rituals. The one's that don't require more of us but that nurture us.

Her morning ritual mirrors mine in many ways, a book or journal, warm candlelight, a mug of something warm and comforting. I get up early, before my kids to enjoy the quiet and ease into the day. 

We are in the middle of a long journey. One that requires sustainable practices and long term nourishment. Slow and steady and consistent rituals.

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