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working with the moon phases: new moon a time for nourishment & alchemy

Written by Alauna Whelan


This past week has been filled with appointments for my health and well-being. 

We are currently in the new moon phase. The new moon occurred on July 9th. 

The new moon is a time to cultivate new beginnings, nourish our inner world, and alchemize what transpired over the previous month.

luxury new moon soy candle with crystals goddess statue and fresh cut flowers

I've been struggling with chronic pain for many years and it's been worse lately. I booked in with a number of professionals in an attempt to help me nourish myself, deal with the pain, and hopefully find some answers to what has been transpiring lately.

The new moon is a time when we can find ourselves more reflective. We are more likely to tap into our intuition. Allowing us opportunity to greet our shadow(s) and work with them to find new approaches to life. The new moon is a time to nurture our inner world and bring light to darkness.

two luxury soy lunar candles on wooden surface with mirrored shell in the background

Lunar candles will be released in the coming weeks.

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