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winter wisdom collection - healing crystal talisman necklaces for clarity, vision, and discernment

Written by Alauna Whelan


Aquarius season is one of my favorites! We find ourselves in the midst of winter but there is a brightness in the air. The days are getting lighter and we are through the darkest part of the season.

I always find this time of year to be full of creative inspiration and clarity. It's a wonderful time for getting clear on our goals for the months ahead. I find myself trying out new habits. Everything starts to crystallize a bit more and Spring is just around the corner.

My latest collection is inspired by the wisdom of winter. The crisp snow, the time reflection, the quiet landscape, the space to dig into some deep inner work and get to the root of what we want to be creating. It's a time of integration. We've experienced the darkest night at Solstice and things are beginning to move once more.

various clear and white raw crystal talisman pendants

Clear quartz has always been one of my favorite minerals. The Winter Wisdom collection features many clear and white gemstones. They represent vision, protection, and foresight. 

clear crystal ball healing talisman necklace with palm of hand

Clear quartz is often referred to as the "Master Healer". It's one of the earths most abundant resources and can be found just about anywhere around the world. It is believed to aid in concentration and stimulate the immune system. It harmonizes all of the chakras and helps bring the body into alignment.

Quartz has always been a love of mine! It's one of the first minerals I began working with when I started making jewelry, like the Original Talisman.

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