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Celebrating more than 6 years of my raw quartz and leather necklace design

Written by Alauna Whelan


Recently a memory on Facebook popped up featuring my Original Talisman design. It's been over six years since I first started making jewelry! The photo below proves how long it's been based on the Instagram filter, ha!

chunky leather and quartz necklace with scarf

I love how memories give us an opportunity to pause and observe our progress.

When I first started making the Original Talisman design, I used vegan leather (as pictured above). There were problems with it. The "leather" would stretch and eventually break.

Offering pieces that stand the test of time had me moving away from vegan leather and going with the real thing.I ended up redoing my necklace with real leather and years later I still wear it regularly.

The raw quartz and leather make it the perfect casual layering piece. It goes well over chunky sweaters and is long enough to be worn with a scarf. Below I'm modelling it layered over an element necklace with a vest.

chunky crystal necklace layered over medallion necklace with vest

The Original Talisman necklace comes in three leather options. Choose from black, dark brown, and light brown. They will each develop their own patina with wear. The one I'm wearing is light brown leather but it's darkened over the years.

Head to the online store to get your own Original Talisman!