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Water - Medicine for the Soul

Written by Alauna Whelan


When I was 14, my parents moved our family to a large Victorian home on 80 acres of farm land that my grandparents gave them. This was a massive renovation project that my parents mostly DIY'd (and continue to DIY to this day!).

The first winter we lived there we only had a shower. It was a winter that I thought I might break. Not being able to sit in a tub of water was so hard. I never realized how something so seemingly small could have such a profound impact on me. When I moved out at the age of 20 I refused to rent any properties that did not have a bath tub.

silver water sign necklace underwater

Water is medicine for my soul. I bath every day. This summer I've been swimming as much as possible at the lake. Taking in the cleansing waters whenever possible. It soothes my frayed nerves. When my kiddos are having a rough day, they, too, know to get into the tub and soak.

Water is the ancestral link to our feminine lineage. Last year I wore a water necklace in honor of my late grandmother. I wanted to remember her legacy.

The water necklaces are currently sold out. I will be making more for release in September.

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