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staying connected to our heart and our humanity with the leo new moon

Written by Alauna Whelan


I've sure felt the shift as Jupiter moved from the cleansing, nurturing waters of Pisces back into Aquarius recently. The world is once again becoming more polarized as more restrictions are being put back in place. Pisces dissolves boundaries where Aquarius can be unrelenting in it's attempt to create safe space.

This Leo new moon, however tense it might be, is an opportunity for us to connect with our heart of hearts. To remember and honor our humanity. To lean into some much needed grace and compassion.

luxury soy fire sign candle on altar tray with crystals

New moons are new beginnings. They are the dark fertile soil where we plant seeds for the future.

With so much heavy planetary action happening in Aquarius it's important for us not to get caught up in the shadow side of Aquarius which is fighting for a cause but losing sight of the cause and just plain fighting (shout out to my pal Lory with Cosmic Shit Show for her incredible insight and wisdom - credit to her for pointing out the fighting for a cause and losing sight of the cause with Aquarius).

empowering moon mantra - white text on rust colored background with lunar graphic

Aquarius sits opposite of Leo on the astrological wheel. Leaning into the higher octaves of Leo is the medicine we all need. This looks like remembering to care for one another. Community care is self-care, it's an act of reciprocity. It is the valuing of the space between us.

Maintaining compassion allows us to stay committed to one another. It's not us versus them, or me versus the world, it's finding ways to stay connected, to express our love and gratitude for one another, and to honor the sacred space between ourselves and others.

red and orange rustic crystal talisman ritual wand in palm of hand

May this new moon be a reminder to settle into our hearts and focus on what matters most. 

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