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Spring Equinox Spread

Written by Alauna Whelan


One of the rituals I like to do each season change is a card reading for myself. It's fun and provides focus for the months ahead.

This year a friend and I agreed to exchange readings for one another over Skype! I've been feeling grateful for how technology allows us to stay connected during this intense time of transition.

For this reading, I used three decks. The Textured Tarot for questions 1-4 and the Supra Oracle and Liquid Crystal Oracle for the final question.

ritual mist and candle with tarot cards and crystals

I always light a candle and mist myself with a ritual mist before I settle in. For Spring, you can use the fire element candle or ritual mist to harness the energy of Aries.

Given the current shifts happening for each of us individually and collectively, I decided to use an Ether candle, to assist with connecting to spirit or divinity. I also used the Earth mist to help anchor into the messages I was about to receive.

earth ritual mist with crystals

1. What wisdom am I carrying forward from the winter season into spring?

2. How can I harness this wisdom to nurture the intentions I am planting this season?

3. What tools will support me to act with courage and bravery?

4. What resources can I rely upon when I encounter challenges along the way?

5. Overall theme for Spring (I used two different decks as seen depicted below).

tarot cards crystals candles ritual mist

This practice gives a rich context to journal with. It's always interesting to come back and revisit what I wrote or noticed. Doing card spreads helps me to anchor and remember what was unfolding for me.

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