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Simple Rituals for Surviving School Breaks

Written by Alauna Whelan


School's out for..... winter break!

boy with attitude

While the break from packing lunches and getting the kids out the door each day is a welcome change, the constant bickering between the boys inevitably starts to wear on me about midway through.

This week, I had the genius idea to make self-compassion my focus. Talk about progress, I'm actually taking steps towards my own care! Full disclosure: I kinda suck at self-care and it takes a concerted effort. If you struggle too, you have found yourself in good company ;)

The question I keep contemplating is, "how would I care for and treat someone I deeply love?" 

This question has been revolutionary. I've been able to slow way down, be present, and practice some simple rituals:

  • Savoring my morning coffee with a book
  • Spritzing myself with the water mist, placing my hand on my heart, and inhaling deeply
  • Taking my supplements which really helps to keep my hormones balanced
  • Burning a candle most evenings while watching TV.
  • Wearing my nuummite heart Crystal Talisman necklace. 
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