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Secret Garden Collection

Written by Alauna Whelan


This year I've been drawn to work with green gemstones. Green crystals are symbolic of a connection to nature, the heart, and vitality.

green crystal talisman necklace on moss

My newest collection features phantom quartz and quartz with a variety of inclusions. Phantom quartz crystals are believed to help us bring light and integrate the darker parts of ourselves. You can read more about phantom quartz on this blog post.

green crystal talisman pendant collection

The Secret Garden collection pairs the metaphysical and spiritual properties of crystals with the healing effects of nature's flora. It's this quiet and liminal space where magic unfolds; a mossy path under bare feet, a serene reflecting pool, the shady reprieve under a leafy tree.

Nature provides immense inspiration, healing, and the opportunity for fostering connect with myself. Witnessing the cycles in the natural world permits me to embrace my own unique ebb and flow.

collection of green nature inspired crystal talisman pendants

My hope is that each of these talismans provide space for magic, healing, and connection to unravel. An opportunity to listen with your heart to what matters most.

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