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scorpio new moon: innovative ways to tap into our willpower and desires

Written by Alauna Whelan


This Scorpio new moon is the perfect new moon to support rituals on valuing one's self, one's desires, and embracing new avenues of change. It's a new moon that supports revolution.

The sun, moon, and mars are meeting up in the sign of Scorpio in the sky. This trio is opposite Uranus - the rebel of the solar system. The unpredictable, electric, and revolutionary planetary body. The higher octave of mercury.

red and clear crystal ritual wand in palm of hand

It's a moon for flashes of insight and moments of clarity. Wild and wacky ideas on how we can shift the ways we have tried to do things. Innovation is our willingness to try different approaches.

In the darkness of the new moon cycle, seeds are planted. We feel our way, needing to trust our instincts. To dig into the dark soil, to ponder all the possibilities. To allow ourselves to gently hold our dreams in the palm of our hands, to nurture them in our heart centers. To get quiet, to rest, to banish, to honor the darkest parts of ourselves. To practice tenderness, to grieve, to shed.

lunar affirmation - white text on blue background

Mars in Scorpio is the undying embers of our eternal fire. It's the tenacity and determination of never giving up. It's a dog with a bone. It won't stop until it penetrates the impenetrable. It wants to understand on the deepest and most intimate levels.

The themes that are coming up with this new moon will be more fully realized on the Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse on May 16 2022. From now until then we will be tending to deep emotional transformation. One that will reach it's peak with the spring eclipse season.

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