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Quiet, slow weekend rituals with coffee, candles, and crystals

Written by Alauna Whelan


I love the slow, juicy pace of the weekend. My kids need quite a bit of downtime (like myself). We try to have one day a week with no agenda that allows for sleeping in.

I'm an early riser. This gives me the opportunity to make delicious coffee, soak up the morning sun, journal a bit, admire and hold my fave crystals, and enjoy some candlelit ambiance (or aromatic mist) in silence.

Morning meditation with crystals, coffee, and journal. Woman in soft clothes sitting on sheepskin

We are all feeling immensely weary and at capacity lately. Having compassion and enjoying the little things helps.

Practicing gratitude for the beauty in my life and giving myself an chance to rest seems to be what I'm being nudged towards. It's a practice, often a challenging one, in a world that is intent on having us exploit ourselves.

Meditation mist, journal and crystal on sheepskin rug with cup of coffee nearby

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