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playing with botanically scented wax in some new candle blends

Written by Alauna Whelan


I adore floral waxes. I got to experience them first hand when I travelled to Providence Perfume Co for a perfumery workshop in 2018 (back when we could travel!).

I became completely enamored with these fragrant wax materials!

Floral wax is a byproduct that's produced from extracting scent from flowers. Some flowers are too delicate to be distilled so they are placed on a layer of wax (or fat) to transfer the scent.

The flowers are replaced over and over to build up the scent load in the wax. A solvent is then used to transfer the scent from the solid wax into a liquid.

The remaining floral wax is a fragrant byproduct that can be added to candles, lotions, perfumes, and lip balms. 

Floral waxes are a wonderful way to infuse candles with the scent precious florals. I've been playing with mimosa, tuberose, jasmine, and violet floral waxes. 

soy and jasmine floral wax melting in aluminum pot

They are different colors and can add interesting hues when added to candles.

So far I've had success with tuberose and jasmine. They burn beautifully when combined with soy.

green soy jar candle cooling on counter

I had high hopes for the violet wax but it won't burn well, despite numerous attempts with different dilutions.

Mimosa wax burns well but it doesn't offer much scent. I think it's probably better suited to perfumes, lotions, and balms.

It's taken a couple of years but it's been well worth the wait to be able to source these beautiful and fragrant materials.

The floral waxes will be in a couple of candle blends being released this year.

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