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May Magick

Written by Alauna Whelan


I'm thrilled to announce the fourth annual May Magick community project.

May Magick started in 2017, as a way to embrace the liminal space between the end of a long prairie winter and the warm lazy summer days. 

I believe magick is found in the mundane and small moments we experience everyday. It's something that's accessible to everyone. The scent of a spring flower, dappled light through the trees, the touch of a loved one, the sound of children giggling, that first sip of morning coffee.

Magick is synchronicity, it's presence, it's pause, it's the ability to slow down and practice gratitude. It rewards us with riches that can't always be grasped. Magick brings us home to ourselves and strengthens connection.

With 2020 having us process so much change and upheaval, I've kept things simple this year.

I'm offering 31 prompts for you to use as you see fit. You can choose to use them as journal prompts, share a photo on Instagram, use them as blog posts, gather up some friends for virtual check-ins or Zoom meet ups. Anything goes! 

may magick photo challenge 2020

There is no pressure to participate, no expectations that you complete every prompt. Honor where you are at each day. Simply meet yourself with gentleness and care.

There are a couple of ways to gather and share.

1. Share on Instagram with the hashtag #maymagick2020.

2. Join the Facebook group to share your thoughts and inspiration.

Here's to a month filled with magick!