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Libra New Moon Mantra & Products for Clarity

Written by Alauna Whelan


With the astrology of 2020 being so intense, these monthly mantras have become an anchor for me. They are an opportunity to slow down and reflect all that I have been experiencing and feeling and to put that into words.

libra new moon affirmation

With mercury retrograde until the beginning of November, I will be leaning heavily on the air mist, bath soak, and candle for clarity.

botanical luxury candle with silver talisman necklace and ring on wooden tray

The air necklace has been my talisman all year. It helps me stay connected to my guiding word of focus this year.

air sign silver talisman necklace for clarity

Whenever the trickster planet mercury appears to go backwards in the sky, we are given an opportunity to go inwards and review. This makes technology and communication more challenging.

Using the air element products can assist with clarity and focus. Their refreshing scent clears mental fog and the quartz crystal assists with clarity.

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