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How to infuse comfort and ambiance with naturally scented candles

Written by Alauna Whelan


I've definitely been suffering with a case of the February fuck-its. We are a year into the pandemic and the hamster wheel of pandemic life is definitely taking its toll. On top of that we are currently in a deep freeze across the Canadian prairies with temperatures dipping into the -40s.

I've never burned more candles (or taken more baths) than I have this winter. Infusing my space with ambient light, comfort, and warmth really does help. It's a small joy that reminds me that the light is returning. The days are getting longer, nothing lasts forever, and soon enough Spring will arrive.

winter evergreen scented soy candle and bath salt

For the time being, I'll take comfort in the small pleasures available, like the Winter Solstice candle.

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