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gentle evening rituals: music and meditative practices for unwinding

Written by Alauna Whelan


If you're like me lately, you are probably feeling extremely overwhelmed. Listening to true crime podcasts isn't always best for my mental state.

It's times like this where embracing simple and gentle practices can be such a comfort. Things that are supportive and simple, nothing complicated that requires a lot of thought or effort.

hand holding luxury crystal infused linen spray with white sheets and headphones in the background

To avoid doom scrolling on social media I love to listen to music, meditations or binaural beats. Pairing easy listening with scent, such as a candle or ritual spray, definitely helps with managing anxiety.

top view of luxury soy crystal candle ritual mist raw gemstone and headphones on wooden nightstand

Here is a list of a few of my favorites and how I like to use them:

1. 2019 Winter Solstice playlist - perfect for when I'm prepping supper.

2. Any of the element meditations - I love listening to these when I'm taking a candlelit bath. I recommend using headphones for these meditations.

3. Binaural beats for sleep - for when I can't turn my thoughts off. I listen with headphones in bed.

4. Live Awake podcast - her voice is like honey to my soul!

For evening scent rituals I personally recommend the ether or water blends, as they both contain soothing botanicals that instill peace and relaxation.

luxury crystal infused ritual mist on white bedding with beats headphones

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