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Gemini Moon Mantra

Written by Alauna Whelan


There is a lot happening in the sign of Gemini right now.

The karmic nodal axis of the moon has shifted. Our focus for the next 18 months will be one of getting to the truth, sussing out the facts, and having the courage to let go of beliefs that are rooted in anything that isn't tangible and true. We will be required to do our due diligence when it comes to the information we assimilate and how that shapes the world we live in.

air sign silver necklace and soy air intention candle

We also have Venus, the ruler of beauty, love, and all that we value making her descent into the underworld. This is her regular retrograde, one where she goes on a shamanic journey and is required to release ALL that no longer aligns with the truest essence of who she is. This descent is one where she faces and integrates the shadow. The more courageous we can be in dealing with our shit, the greater the reward. It's an opportunity for growth and resilience. 

gemini new moon mantra

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