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How to choose the right candle size depends on how long you want to enjoy it

Written by Alauna Whelan


Getting the most out of a candle means selecting the right size for your intended use.

I love that candles help us slow down and create ambiance. They are symbolic of simper times and of light in the darkness.

I use high quality 100% North American soy wax in my candles. This gives a long lasting, slow burn, which means you get a long burn out of your candle when it is cared for properly (head to this post for tips on how to care for candles).

I'm in the process of expanding the size options for the candles I offer. I am working on having larger 9 oz candles available for each of the elements for fall. Right now you can find tealights and 4 oz travel candles in the online store, as well as a 9 oz ether candle.

There are a few smaller 2 oz metallic tin candles, however these are discontinued and only available while supplies last.

Selecting the right size of candle really comes down to the time you have available to enjoy them.

Tealights are great for one time burns. They have a burn time of about 7 hours. I always recommend using them as single use. They are wonderful for simple rituals.

The 4 oz travel candles make lovely companions for morning journaling sessions. They are perfect for when you only have an hour or two at home. I always keep a few in the camper for early mornings when I'm reading and reflecting.

The large 9 oz candles are best suited for evenings or days working from home. This size requires a 3-4 hour commitment each time its lit. You want to make sure you'll be sticking around to get the most out of the candle experience.

When candles aren't burned long enough, they don't get an even melt pool. When they don't get an even melt pool, they tunnel. You can learn more about candle tunneling on this blog post.

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