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Cancer Solar Eclipse Moon Mantra

Written by Alauna Whelan

I've been contemplating the term surrender a lot lately. Especially in how I see it being a part of a healing process.
I see surrender as a stage that comes only after there is an acknowledgement of pain. That when we are really truly heard by another, the burden lifts and a sense of relief washes over.
That moment of relief is what I see as surrender. It's a pause from the weight, a time of peace, an opportunity for reprieve. 
cancer moon mantra - empowering affirmation
Cancer represents family, ancestors, our homes, and how we nurture, care, and provide comfort. 
This solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer is asking us to acknowledge the trauma, violence, and injustices that have been carried out on those most vulnerable. It's showing us that there is a massive dismantling that needs to happen from the inside out.