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a powerful moment of clarity and seeding future dreams - gemini new moon solar eclipse

Written by Alauna Whelan


We are in the final stages of this eclipse season. Eclipses always happen in pairs (or sometimes threes). The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius two weeks ago was a release point, an opportunity to shift our beliefs and ideals. Whether that shift was in regards to ourselves, relationships, or the world.

This solar eclipse happened in the sign of Gemini. Solar eclipses always occur with the new moon. Gemini is a sign that represents curiosity, duality, and learning together.

hand spraying small air sign ritual spray

Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini was heavily involved with this new moon solar eclipse. It is currently having us look back at the past. Having us review and revise and reassess how we communicate.

Mercury was lovingly embraced by the heart of the sun during this new moon. This conjunction point is often referred to as a cazimi. When a planet is kissed by the heart of the sun, it signifies a powerful moment of clarity. It's the burning away of limitations, a baptism by fire, a fresh start.

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Themes all relating to mercury will be the focus. You might experience some clarity around communication, coordinating ideas, or how you learn and assimilate information.

This is a really wonderful time to incorporate self-care practices relating to the air element. The candle and ritual mist are formulated to support clear thoughts and communication.

botanical bath salts with linen spray on grey towel at the edge of a bath tub

Reciting the moon mantra aloud (found below) can also assist with being mindful of the power of our words.

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