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a few of my favorite things - summer solstice candle, vintage carnations, and crystals

Written by Alauna Whelan


I love dedicating my Sunday's to prepping for the week ahead. Making a meal plan, getting groceries, cleaning my bathrooms, catching up on laundry, buying fresh flowers all set me up for the week ahead.

hand holding summer soy candle with fresh blush toned carnations and large raw crystal

Working from home definitely blurs the lines between having boundaries around work and home. One of the perks has definitely been the ability to surround myself with the items and objects that I love.

summer soy citrus candle large crystal gemstone and vintage carnations

Being able to work from the comfort of my couch with a menagerie of personal favorites is such a joy.

This week I'm really enjoying vintage carnations, my large citrine Herkimer diamond, and the summer solstice candle.

The uplifting scent of juicy citrus and green herbal notes are keeping me motivated. 

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